BRC Flue Checker
Posted by Jan on 02 January 2013

David Bacon who generally organises the stabling at Championships has devised a cunning flu vac checker.

Just follow the instructions to see if your horse has the correct dates. 






Flu Vac Checker

To use the online flu vac checker on the link at the top of this page.

If you would like a copy of the Flu Vac Checker programme please e-mail David Bacon at dbtc@supanet.comand he will e-mail a copy back to you.




Our equine influenza rules are based on the British Horseracing Authority Rules (formerly The Jockey Club Rules)


G7.1: Vaccinations against Equine Influenza

This rule applies in respect of any horse or pony which competes in a BRC Area Qualifier, Championship and for Royal Windsor competitions, round 2 onwards.


The horse or pony must have been vaccinated against equine influenza by a veterinary surgeon who is not the owner of the animal, in accordance with the following rules:


The horse or pony must have received:


None of the vaccinations must have been given on the day of a competition or entry to championship stables if earlier, or on any of the 6 days before a competition or entry to championship stables.


If the current vaccination programme started BEFORE 1 January 2007:



If the current vaccination programme started AFTER 1 January 2007:



Horses may compete at BRC Competitions providing that they have had the first two primary injections none of which should have been given on any of the 6 days before a competition or entry to championship stables.


In the event of failure to comply with any of the requirements of this rule, the horse or pony will be disqualified and not permitted to take part in any competition to which these rules apply.


G7.2 Checking of Passports and Equine Influenza Records

For the purposes of determining whether the requirements of these rules have been met, the following documents must be available for inspection in respect of a horse or pony which is taking part in a BRC Area Qualifier or Championship.


The identification of the horse or pony must be checked against that contained in the passport or on the flu vaccination record. This may be done from the diagram and description of the animal or by microchip providing that the microchip number has been recorded in the passport.


The vaccination section of the horse’s passport must have been completed by a Veterinary Surgeon who is not the owner of the horse or pony.


The dates on which the vaccinations were given must comply with the requirements as stated in G7.1.


Any alterations to any entries on the vaccination record must have been made, signed and stamped by a veterinary surgeon.


G7.3 Disqualification

Any horse or pony failing the requirements described in these rules will not be permitted to compete.


Any pony/horse that is in a team competition and has been disqualified at an Area Qualifier will be reported to the BRC Office and cannot be replaced with a reserve; the team will have to continue as a team of three, or if already a team of three, will have to compete as individuals only, if there is an individual competition.


No refund will be awarded for any disqualified horse/pony.


Every effort will be made to ensure that the checking at Area Qualifiers is carried out correctly. BRC accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any losses suffered, whether directly or indirectly, due to incorrect checking at any BRC Area Qualifier or Championships. It is the sole responsibility of the competitor to ensure that their certificate is valid and it should not be assumed that because a certificate has been accepted at one competition in good faith it would be accepted at another competition.


G7.4: Flu Vaccination Checklist

A copy of the flu vaccination checklist is at Appendix 23 and should be used as follows:



G7.5: Dual Names

The name shown on the passport/flu vaccination record must be the one that is used on all official competition entry forms. If a stable name is also shown on the passport/flu vaccination record this must be signed and stamped by a veterinary surgeon.



6 Who can help me?

If you have any queries then please contact your Area Representative firstly, other people who can assist you are:


Roy TurnerCompetitions Chairman:  01909 531430



Peter BuistBRC Chairman:  01794 368061



David BaconBRC Stable Manager:  07850 168564